Practice Passage #25: English for CLAT

eng for clat

The highlands, characterized by their undulating hills and craggy mountain silhouettes, stand as venerable custodians, their contours etched by the passage of time and the whims of nature. Bathed in the first light of dawn, a chromatic palette of gold and amber imbues the heather-clad slopes with an ethereal quality, evoking narratives of endurance embedded in the very fabric of the terrain.

he lochs, reflective reservoirs of liquid poetry, mirror the ever-shifting temperaments of the heavens above. Loch Ness, ensconced in enigma and folklore, unveils its somber depths beneath brooding mountainous landscapes. Ripples on its surface seem to whisper ancient sagas, enticing the intrepid to delve into its murky profundities. Contrastingly, Loch Lomond, a paragon of tranquility, mirrors the serenity of the encircling woodlands. The mirror-like symmetry of towering pines casts a mesmerizing chromatic spectacle that elicits contemplation in the lap of nature.

Scotland’s coastline emerges as an amphitheater where land and sea engage in a dramatic ballet, cliffs precipitously descending into the tempestuous embrace of the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Avian denizens traverse the skies above, their wings in harmonic accord with the tumultuous waves below. Secluded beaches, adorned with golden sands, extend invitations for solitary sojourns, the sole accompaniment being the rhythmic cadence of waves serenading the shore. Here, time appears suspended, unveiling the raw elegance of nature in its elemental simplicity.

The Scottish moors, adorned with a mosaic of vibrant heather and moss, unfold as a chromatic tableau that metamorphoses with the seasons. Autumn bequeaths a conflagration of reds and oranges against the muted canvas, while spring heralds a profusion of wildflowers, transforming the landscape into a kaleidoscopic panorama. A terrain to lose oneself in, the wind’s melody through the grass becomes a soothing lullaby amid the untamed verdancy.

As twilight surrenders to nocturnal dominion, the Scottish firmament stages a celestial spectacle. The Northern Lights, with their spectral choreography of greens and purples, paint a cosmic fresco across the expanse of the heavens. Unencumbered by urban luminosity, the Scottish sky reveals a tapestry of stars that stretches ad infinitum, a testament to our infinitesimal presence in the cosmic tableau.

In every glen, atop each summit, and along the sinuous trails, Scotland whispers its symphony lauding the intrinsic beauty of nature. A realm where the spirit of the wild roams unshackled, leaving an indelible imprint on those privileged enough to bear witness to its grandeur.

Table of Contents


  1. What does the phrase “liquid mirrors” in the passage refer to?

a) Reflective surfaces of modern architecture

b) Bodies of water reflecting the sky

c) Metaphorical representations of emotions

d) Ancient mirrors used by Scottish clans

2. In the context of the passage, what is the best synonym for “ethereal”?

a) Substantial

b) Fleeting

c) Solid

d) Earthly

3. Which of the following best captures the mood conveyed by the phrase “a cosmic display of wonder” in the last paragraph?

a) Mundane occurrence

b) Supernatural spectacle

c) Scientific experiment

d) Artistic performance

4. What is the author’s primary emphasis when describing Loch Ness in the passage?

a) Its geographical location

b) Its historical significance

c) Its mysterious and legendary aura

d) Its popularity as a tourist destination

5. What is the primary metaphorical significance of the phrase “a celestial ballet” in the passage?

a) A representation of traditional Scottish dance

b) A metaphor for the dance of stars in the night sky

c) A reference to a famous celestial event in Scotland

d) A description of coastal landscapes at dusk

6. How does the author characterize the Scottish moors during springtime in the passage?

a) A barren landscape

b) A riot of colors with blooming wildflowers

c) A monochromatic terrain dominated by heather

d) A desolate region devoid of vegetation


  1. b) Bodies of water reflecting the sky
  2. b) Fleeting
  3. b) Supernatural spectacle
  4. c) Its mysterious and legendary aura
  5. b) A metaphor for the dance of stars in the night sky
  6. b) A riot of colors with blooming wildflowers

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