Maths for CLAT 2025 : Practice Passage #5

Maths for CLAT 2025

A town is planning to build a new bridge over a river. The bridge needs to be constructed in such a way that it connects two key points of the town, which are 500 meters apart across the river. The construction budget allows for a maximum expenditure of $200,000. The cost of constructing the bridge is calculated based on its length and the materials used. The cost per meter for construction is $250. Additionally, there are fixed costs associated with planning and legal permissions amounting to $25,000.


  1. What is the total estimated cost of constructing the bridge?

A) $150,000

B) $200,000

C) $150,000 plus fixed costs

D) $125,000 plus fixed costs

2. If the town decides to extend the bridge by 100 meters for aesthetic reasons, will it stay within the budget?

A) Yes

B) No

C) Only if they reduce the fixed costs

D) Cannot be determined

3. How much of the budget is allocated for the fixed costs in percentage?

A) 12.5%

B) 10%

C) 15%

D) 20%

4. If the construction cost per meter is reduced to $200, how much will the town save on the bridge construction (excluding fixed costs)?

A) $50,000

B) $75,000

C) $25,000

D) $100,000


  1. Answer: D) $125,000 plus fixed costs
    1. Explanation: The construction cost is $250 per meter for a 500-meter bridge, which amounts to 500×250=$125,000. Adding the fixed costs of $25,000, the total cost is $125,000+$25,000=$150,000.
  2. Answer: A) Yes
    1. Explanation: Extending the bridge by 100 meters adds 100×250=$25,000 to the cost. The original cost is $150,000, so the new total would be $150,000+$25,000=$175,000 which is within the budget of $200,000.
  3. Answer: A) 12.5%
    1. Explanation: The fixed costs are $25,000, and the total budget is $200,000. The percentage is 25,000/200,000×100=12.5%.
  4. Answer: C) $25,000
    1. Explanation: The original cost per meter is $250, reduced to $200. The saving per meter is 250−200=$50. For a 500-meter bridge, the total saving is 500×50=$25,000.

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