CA/GK for CLAT 2025: Practice Passage #7

clat 2025 gk/ca

The recent inclusion of ……… traditional ……….. dance in UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity marks a significant recognition of India’s diverse cultural heritage. …….., a devotional dance performed during the ……….. festival, celebrates feminine energy or ‘Shakti’ and has roots in …….. This addition strengthens India’s representation in UNESCO’s list, which already features a ………………………. Key inclusions over the years range from religious festivals like Ramlila and Kumbh Mela to art forms like Chhau dance and Kalbelia songs, reflecting the rich tapestry of India’s cultural practices.


  1. What is the latest Indian cultural element added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list?

A) Ramlila

B) Garba

C) Kumbh Mela

D) Chhau dance

2. In which year was the Chhau dance included in UNESCO’s list?

A) 2008

B) 2012

C) 2014

D) Before 2011

3. Which of the following is not a part of UNESCO’s list from India?

A) Yoga

B) Bharatanatyam

C) Navroz

D) Sankirtana

4. ………… dance, recently added to UNESCO’s list, is primarily associated with which festival?

A) Diwali

B) Holi

C) Navratri

D) Dussehra

5. What is the primary focus of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list?

A) Historical monuments and places

B) Cultural practices, expressions, and knowledge

C) Endangered languages and scripts

D) Natural landscapes and biodiversity


  1. Answer: B) Garba
  2. Answer: D) Before 2011
  3. Answer: B) Bharatanatyam
  4. Answer: C) Navratri
  5. Answer: B) Cultural practices, expressions, and knowledge

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