CLAT Consortium recommended reading material for preparation : Download PDFs


CLAT has released sample paper 2{click here to download} and I am sure you have already downloaded and solved it. You will notice that after many passages, they have written names of certain books from where they have taken these passages. Similar books were also referred to in Sample Paper 1. You can download pdf of 9 of these books here. Please note that we have uploaded these pdf as due to lockdown, it is difficult for you to buy these.

Please buy these as soon as lockdown is over.

For downloading click here.

We shall start a Rank enhancement course for CLAT 2020 on 01.04.2020. It will be helipful in increasing your marks by 10-15% in CLAT exam. You can know more about CLAT 2020 Rank Enhancement Course by clicking here.

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