CLAT Consortium Sample Paper for CLAT 2020 || Download PDF

CLAT Consortium Sample paper for CLAT 2020 have been released but are viewable only by the candidates who have registered for CLAT 2020. You can attempt it on CLAT website by clicking here.

We had also come out with our own practice sets in new pattern that you can access by clicking here. 

The sample paper contains around 21000 words, which is in line with our expectations. The sample paper released by CLAT consortium has been converted in to a PDF by ForumCLAT team and can be seen below:-

The second sample paper is as below:-

If you have any queries regarding CLAT consortium sample papers, or any other issue related to CLAT 2020 prepration, you can always contact us at 9456331884 or mail us at ForumCLAT, the best coaching institute for CLAT preparation in Dehradun, is always with you during your journey to success.
The third sample paper is as below:-


    1. Online Rank Enhancement Course for CLAT 2020 starts on 01.04.2020. You can enroll by  clicking here.
    2. If you have any financial difficulties, you can pay the fee later too.
    3. Offline batches for 1 year course for CLAT 2021 in Dehradun shall start in July. In this course, we shall focus on reading speed improvement and newspaper, as these are now the most important activities for CLAT preparation. Their importance can also be seen in the CLAT consortium sample papers above.


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